Annuities helped my mom and dad in retirement.



annuities: retirement nest eggs

Retirement nest egg: Annuities

Annuities and Retirement are two words that go together well.

I grew up in the Fort Lauderdale, Fl. area where my family lived a comfortable life. We weren’t rich but as a youngster, it seemed like we were doing OK. My Dad worked in the Broward County school system and was also a wedding photographer. Mom stayed at home raising us five kids, and she really taught us the value of saving. She was a coupon queen, and we used to laugh at her because she was so intent on saving money. Little did we understand back then just how important that would be, but now we do. She didn’t discuss her insurance and annuities much, but she did teach us the value of saving and planning ahead.

Dad retired and they began to travel. Hawaii, Alaska, and they even went on a bicycle tour around Holland (the country, not Michigan). Now, it all started to make sense: Mom saved money for over 40 years, a penny here, a nickel there, and now look at them. We may not have had the name brand clothes or shoes, and we took a brown paper bag with our lunch in it every day, but Mom had a plan and she stuck to it. She saved money when it was coming in so that when it stopped, she would still have plenty left. What a novel idea! Dad had stopped doing photography after 40 years and I learned that most of that income went into saving accounts, annuities and investments to help supplement the pension that came after he retired. The house and all their stuff had been paid for, so other than utilities and normal monthly expenses, they didn’t have any bills. They had more than enough to see them through. Dad has since passed and Mom is being well taken care of and will have plenty of money thanks to the annuities and her Long Term Care policy she bought several years ago (another smart idea).

If you are like my Mom and Dad, you probably have a nice nest egg set aside and hopefully you didn’t lose a bunch of it when the stock market crashed the last two times! But now you’re asking, “What should I do with it so that I can have enough to last a lifetime?”  You may also be worried about taxes and how they have already started to go up. And how long will Social Security and Medicare be available? And are there any guarantees? And what about leaving some to the kids? I understand these are very serious concerns and I am here to help.

You want guaranteed interest rates? Check! Tax deferred growth? Check! Lifetime income? Check! Money for emergencies and the ability to leave an inheritance? Check! You can have all of this in a Fixed Income Annuity (FIA).

When you own a FIA, you receive a fixed guaranteed interest rate and/or the option of putting your money in an index crediting account that will perform like the stock market. So when the market goes up, so does your interest rate. But when the market goes down, you don’t lose any of the principal or growth that you have earned. The tax you would pay on your earnings will be deferred until you start to take money out, so your money grows with triple compounding: Interest on the principal, interest on the interest, and interest on the taxes you aren’t paying. Nice, Huh? When you are ready to start receiving your monthly income through a lifetime income rider, the insurance company will tell you exactly how much you will get, and even if your account runs out of money, you are guaranteed to continue to get that same amount until one or both of you pass away. If there is any money left in the account when you pass, that money will be left to your beneficiaries. Of course, there are several options that need to be discussed and there is no one size fits all so we would need to look at your specific situation before we could determine what is best for your retirement plans.

You can have the peace of mind that my Mom has, knowing that all of your hard work, scrimping and saving has been worth it and with a FIA, you won’t have to worry if there is going to be enough.

On another article, I will be discussing how a FIA is safe from negative returns during a down market and how it benefits from the greatest concept ever: Annual Reset.

If you have any questions, feel free to call me and we can discuss your specific situation and see if a FIA is the right choice for you.

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Retirement. Can I have 100% of the money I’ve invested and pay 0% in taxes? YES

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Retirement happiness and peace of mind

100% invested – 0% in taxes

You have worked hard, invested wisely and spent modestly and yet every time you earn a little money, you have to give some of it to the I.R.S. Now, with a little known concept, you can get back all of what you invested for retirement and when you start to take it out, pay 0% in taxes.

This concept has been around for 20 years or more, yet only a small percentage of people know about it and even less understand the full potential of it. Today, I am going to teach you this concept and if it makes sense, I can show how it could work for you.

This concept allows you to put in as much or as little to your retirement as you can, with money that has already been taxed. It grows tax deferred so you don’t pay taxes on the gains or growth, and it comes out tax free. This is similar to a Roth, yet it has more advantages and is generally safer than investing in the stock market.

How is it safer?

In the market, you can have gains and losses. Your money can earn 5, 10, even 20% one year and then lose that amount or more the next year (remember 2008?). With our concept, you can earn good money, up to 10% or more. However, you can not lose any if the market crashes because the least you can earn is 0%.

Another benefit is that you don’t have to wait until you are a certain age to start taking your money out. Most retirement plans will penalize you if you take your money out before you are 59 1/2 and also make you take money out at 70 1/2.

With our plan, you can use your money how and when you want to. What if you don’t use all of this money before you die, do you lose it? Absolutely not! It goes to your beneficiary and they don’t have to pay taxes on it either. Talk about growing the family tree!

O.K, O.K, this sounds too gook to be true, right? Well let me tell you that millions of dollars are going into this each year and in my opinion, this is one of the best places to put your hard earned money for your retirement.

So, what is it?

It is none other than a Index Universal Life insurance policy. That’s right, life insurance.

An IUL is a life insurance policy that takes some of your premium and invests it and allows your money to grow tax deferred. Then, when you start to take your money out, it comes out tax free. When you pass away, the insurance company pays the remaining death benefit to your beneficiary. Very simple and allows you to keep more of your money and give less of it to your Uncle Sam.

So the bullet points are:

  • Pay with money that has already been taxed
  • The gains grow tax deferred.
  • Your retirement money comes out tax free
  • Your beneficiary gets the remaining death benefit, also tax free

Now for the disclaimers:

This is not a get rich quick scheme. It is a life insurance policy that is intended to be part of a long term retirement plan. If you take your money out too soon, there will be surrender charges which could result in you losing money. Also, if you try to take out too much money during retirement, the policy could run out of cash value and there could be taxes due on your withdrawals. The interest credited to your account is not guaranteed and you could earn more or less than illustrated. These are the rules according to the IRS concerning the taxation of life insurance proceeds as of the date of this writing. The IRS could change these rules which may change the way the proceeds are received and taxed. I am not a tax specialist of any kind and encourage you to speak with your tax advisor before purchasing this policy.

There are other benefits to these policies that I will go into later, so if you wold like to see how this concept could work for you, contact me and we will discuss your particular situation.


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