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I am a member of a group of advisors that believe education comes first. Scroll down to learn more about how to retire with less stress and more peace of mind with safe money. I have been getting a lot of positive feedback about the 3 booklets. You can find them right on my profile page on safemoney.com.  Because I am a member there is never a cost to you - just let them know at safe money that I referred you.

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Retirement income and Taxes

Let's talk about getting more and paying less. 

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Learn more and Retire better


Money for Life Roadmap

Learn safe money strategies to maximize spendable income

 and protect money from market downturns.

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Annuities Fully Explained

Get complete facts on annuities, in plain English.

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Learn & Plan for Uncertainty

Learn about costly retirement pitfalls posed by today's economy 

and how you can plan to retire with confidence.

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What's the Plan

Getting to know you


We need to know a little about you to learn what is important.

  • what are your goals and dreams
  • what have you saved
  • what will you need
  • how much do you want to leave
  • who do you want to leave it to
  • what you are doing currently

Creating a gameplan

Team huddle

Once we have the proper front-line protection in place, we can include several options to help you win in retirement. 

These could include:

  • annuities
  • LTC (long term care)
  • life insurance
  • investments
  • trusts

Living the dream


After we put the pieces in place, we will continue to track them and make any small adjustments needed to ensure

 you reach your goals. 

We live by the 5 P's:

Proper Planning Prevents Poor Performance and when you achieve your goals we all win.

Our Compass


Life insurance is the front-line protection of all financial plans. There are risks in life that we may or may not see coming. By planning for these risks ahead of time, we can protect those things that are most valuable to you. 

Your family, your income, and your assets, can all be protected with properly structured life insurance.


You have worked long and hard to create a certain lifestyle and would like to keep a similar lifestyle once you have slowed down a little. That is going to require an income and with your current savings, plus our programs and planning, we can show you exactly how much you can have throughout your retirement.


We have all heard it: "the only sure things in life are death and taxes".

We can plan for and minimize the actual taxes you pay to help you live the best life you can now and leave more for your family later.


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