Alzheimer’s or Dementia diagnosis?

“The reality is that very few people are prepared for the cost of caring for someone living with Alzheimer’s. Many believe health insurance or Medicare will cover costs, but the costs of caring for someone living with Alzheimer’s often extends well beyond these coverages."

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Long term care and what you need to know

What will LTC cost in your state?


Select a state and click on the details to display estimated costs for that state. Adjust the region and the length of the types of care to view variations. Select up to two states to compare costs. When finished, you may generate a report to print.

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Ways you can afford a LTC policy


U.S. states and territories regulate long-term care differently. In order to display the correct information for the state or territory in which your client lives or plans to live, please select it from this dropdown and click “view”.

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How will you pay for care in the long term?

A tool that shows the cost of long term care expenses.

With the cost of long term care increasing, would you like to know what it cost in your state?

Not just now but also years down the road when you will most likely need it?

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Facts about Alzheimer's

Can you really afford to risk all you have worked so hard for to lose in the end to this terrible disease?

Myths and facts of LTC

Using a tax-deferred account to fund a tax-free LTC benefit

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